How to Smarten Up Your Kitchen on a Tight Budget

How to Smarten Up Your Kitchen on a Tight Budget

Discover how to make your kitchen look fresh and modern without spending a fortune in this two-minute read.


Smartening up your kitchen is an excellent way to wow buyers and add value. If you can’t afford a full-scale high-end refurbishment, try these cost-saving DIY tips.


Before you start

When we’re emotionally attached to a property, we often gloss over its flaws. But it’s important to think about the impression your home will make on buyers. Remove all clutter and analyse what your kitchen really looks like. Is it warm and welcoming, or washed out and a bit grubby?


Identify the features that are in good shape and those that are knackered and need improving.


When planning the work that you’re going to do, remember that your goal is to make your property more saleable. It’s great to take inspiration from magazines and social media but avoid bold statements and opt for a neutral look.


Cabinets – If your cabinets look tired, you could:

  • Keep the framework (sometimes called a carcass) and replace the cupboard doors with new, or nearly new, ones. 
  • Keep your existing doors but freshen them up with a coat of paint. Ensure you buy the correct type of paint for the job (this will depend on the finish of your doors) and sand and prime them first, if necessary. 
  • Replace the kickplate that runs along the base of the cabinets as this shows up wear and tear.
  • Update the handles to give the cabinets a more modern look.


Tiles – Replacing shabby tiles doesn’t have to cost the earth. (Inexpensive white tiles arranged in a brick-effect pattern always look smart.) Your other option is to keep the tiles but strip out the grout (if it looks grotty) and re-grout.


Splashback – There are many great glass and stainless steel options on the market. Adding a new splashback is a quick and easy way to lift a room.


Flooring – If your existing flooring looks tired but is flat (no slopes or slants), you could simply lay new flooring on top. 


Lighting – Good lighting can make a room feel more spacious and create ambience. Consider adding pendant lights over the eating area to create a focal point.


Countertops – If your countertop looks dated, buy a good quality second-hand replacement (there are lots online) and cut it to size.


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