How To Sell a Home in Need Of Repair in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

How To Sell a Home in Need Of Repair in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

Just because your home is a fixer-upper, that doesn’t mean you can’t sell it for a great price. There is a huge market of family DIY-ers and developers that would love to snap up your home and give it a refresh.

Here at Woodhouse, we can help sell any property, no matter the condition. But if you’re worried about buy-ability, check out these tips on how to sell a home in need of repair in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.

1. Make Small Updates

Are there small things you can fix that won’t make the house look so broken? Like a wonky door handle or a missing lightbulb?

If there are little, cheap things you can fix around your home, and you have the time, just do it. While these issues may seem small in comparison to the bigger deals, they can stand out in the photos.

2. Clean Up

Even though your home needs investment, a clean home is always more attractive than a messy one. Cleanliness may not matter much to a developer. But if your buyer is a DIY family that’s looking to live in your home while fixing it up, cleanliness will make the house appear more homely and liveable. Plus, a tidy home can make the repair work seem less daunting and overwhelming.

3. Be Honest

When meeting your estate agent, be honest about the repair work you know is needed. Just because your home needs investment, that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t get a great price. But lying about the issues or covering things up can break trust – not just between you and your agent, but with potential buyers, too.

If an estate agent is going to sell your home to the right buyer, they need to know everything. So don’t scrimp on the detail and make sure you’re being as honest as possible.

4. Highlight The Positives

A good estate agent will automatically be able to draw on the positives. But it’s still good to share the small things they may not know. Like the fact that you get a great sunset from the master bedroom. Or that the garden is south facing. All these things can help highlight the potential of your home.

5. Manage Expectations

If your home needs repair, it can still have great saleability. But it’s a good idea to manage your expectations, especially if your home needs a lot of investment.

Consider that your home may be valued at the lower end of the price range. Or that you may get a few offers under the asking price from interested buyers. If a buyer undertakes a survey, be prepared that they may renegotiate if any major work is thrown up. This may not happen, but it’s good to manage your expectations before you enter the process.

Want More Tips From An Expert?

At Woodhouse, we pride ourselves on getting the best value for you. We’re always looking for new homes and new challenges – and we’d love to hear from you if you’re selling your Cheshunt, Hertfordshire home!

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